Teamwork is better visually

Collaborate in a remote team on the interactive whiteboard and grow your business

Show, not Tell

Visualize your thoughts to significantly improve the collaboration experience

Our visual scene perception takes only 0.1 seconds.

Stay in Sync

Engage the whole team on the board to see the big picture

50% of our brain is devoted to visual processing

All in One Place

Share all work elements on one interactive whiteboard . It will help your team ideate without any obstacles

We remember only 20% of what we read and 80% of what we watch and do

Tool Your Team Lacks

Deskle enables your team to generate solutions 4 times faster
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Lean agile
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Ideate with your team in real time. Share workspaces and generate creative solutions anytime, anywhere.

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Organize your own brainstorming workspace with your team-members. Don’t forget to try the voting function!


Mockups and Wireframing

Quickly create the layouts and schemes on any topic. The number of tools and suggested templates will help to solve the task.



Make profound marketing analysis or educational research - add images, files, tables or videos on a board, build graphics.


Lean and Agile

Try multiple tools, templates, facilitator’s features, video chat and screencast with unlimited boards and quick response.

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Online learning and teaching

Online whiteboarding is the consistent solution for remote studying. Work together on a board, get prepared for interactive lessons.


First-Hand Experience

of Those Who Use Deskle. Most Useful Tools for Any Interested
Ho Yin
Remo.co, CEO

Integration of Deskle into our platform has made it possible to create a truly convenient service for joint collaboration of our clients. After the introduction of the new whiteboarding functionality, our users received all the benefits of a single workspace for performing tasks in real time as if it were happening in a physical office.

Joe Caplin
Ideaeast.london, Head of Strategy

With the help of Deskle platform, we have taken the organization of online workshops and seminars to a qualitatively new level. The available tools have significantly reduced the time required to prepare training materials, and extensive real-time communication capabilities have greatly simplified the interaction between all participants. Thanks to the Deskle online board, the participants' involvement in the process has also increased. Great job!

Nick Roiser
2heads, Digital and Content Director

We have been familiar with the Deskle platform for a long time and have already carried out a number of interesting projects. Now we want to integrate this tool into the work of specialists of large enterprises. Thus it makes possible to quickly transfer business processes to a remote format and organize effective interaction between all departments of the companies. I would especially like to note the multifunctionality of the platform and the large number of templates that allow using Deskle for tasks of various levels.

Michael Kendell
Manchester City Council, Innovation team manager

For me, the main point of innovation is the benefits it brings to society. Today there are quite a few platforms for remote work, but it was in Deskle that we found the widest possible set of useful functions that allows various administrative departments to work on solving the same problems. I can say with confidence that with the implementation of Deskle, teamwork has become faster, and control over it has become much easier.

Bruna Viana
Cocriar.br.co, Communication manager

The main problem with online events is the difficulty of keeping the attention and engagement of all participants. Especially when there are a lot of them. With Deskle, we were able to make our events more interactive and fun. Now everyone can participate in the process, express their opinion and ask questions. And the most important thing is to be heard, even if there are dozens of people taking part in the event.

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