Deskle was comprehensively tailored to expand visual thinking strategies in the project management, education and client relations routine. Deskle can facilitate communication, compliance and team collaboration, provide greater flexibility to the product development process.

We created Deskle visual framework to assist multidisciplinary teams to be more organized and efficient. Keeping this in mind we curated 20+ workshops with subject matter experts to validate a set of assumptions, reshape visual thinking best practices and established patterns. It’s tempting for us to see how Deskle will fit in your business case, what components and templates will drive the best results. Of course, we are always here to answer your questions and help you to find feasible solutions with Deskle tools!


Sergey Korzin
CEO & Co-founder
Roman Sirota
CIO & Co-founder
Eduard Kolosovsky
CSA & Co-founder
Alexandr Lesuk
Product Manager

Our Advisors

Aleksandr Fedotov
Alexey Krivitsky
Agile advisor
Dmitry Lobasev
Agile advisor
Alexey Voronin
Agile advisor