Using Deskle in Education Field

Online learning allows more and more people in modern globalized world to enhance their competencies, receive a certification, or even a degree. Students from across the globe synchronously connect to the instructor, exercise and work on projects together, as if they were physically present in one classroom.

Distance learners face variety of challenges, including time-zone, cross-cultural, interpersonal differences. Lack of conventional teaching environment does not contribute to keeping each trainee in the group engaged and active. Text course is barely enough to foster conversation in a remote class, and to assess its knowledge. Digital technology such as web apps, chats and messengers, video conferencing come to help them. But perhaps the most vital element of modern distance education is a digital alternative to a classroom chalkboard. That’s where Deskle online whiteboards take the stage, enriching school, academic or even corporate and non-profit education processes with a range of advanced features.

Using Deskle in Education Field

Typically, professor, teacher or trainer would create a curriculum, distribute a syllabus, announcements and materials. Next, they would explain concepts, and come up with the means to explore those concepts, often in groups. Following the practice, students would make use of their acquirements in a project, test or other deliverable. An educator thus ensures they follow a narrative, gain practice on the topic, consistently build and construe concepts.

Deskle brings the value of Visual Thinking into all those activities. This approach has proven itself across various subjects: Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Marketing Science etc. Basically, presentation of any unfamiliar topic benefits from Visual Thinking. Providing an explicit visibility of the concepts while they are being generated, Deskle Workspace becomes a collaborative living document – spatially endless!

In distance education today, the ideas are often illustrated with links, diagrams, slides, pictures and other media formats. Deskle supports them all, allowing to clearly and elegantly present any concept. Down the road, students become more active in information gathering and engaged with material. For future software and web developers, Deskle offers a sidebar rendering coding attributes. And with the bunch of colourful templates suited to every fancy, learning becomes visually compelling, immersive and memorable. Last but not least, at the boundless whiteboards, students get accustomed to arrange content according to similarity, alignment and proximity principles.

No more need to send letters back and forth, to scroll the long email threads of in search of a recent version! All changes are saved in a real time in the Cloud and everyone sees each other’s actions. Rollbacks and version history are available, making the work on group projects stress-free. Whereas the educator has a helicopter view of everyone’s activity and progress. Learning with Deskle is entirely interactive. Using the Comment tool, teacher can provide guidance or feedback, while students can pin their notes and suggestions.

At Deskle, we are aware of financial difficulties that many educational institutions face to pay expensive software license fees. We offer discounts, loyalty schemes and flexible payment schedules for lecturers, trainers and students. Add to that an extremely low learning curve to start using Deskle, and we get an affordable visual tool for education projects of any scale. 

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