Deskle for Designers – Transparent Tool for Everyday Creativity

Deskle for Designers - Transparent Tool for Everyday Creativity

Illustrators, graphic designers and UI/UX designers are people for whom the visual component of the workflow is crucial. Outsourcing is becoming more and more widespread, steadily changing the design process. Ingenious artists and IT design thinkers have to collaborate fast and effortlessly, no matter where their colleagues are. Worldwide, they work on awesome things but do not get the desired output. They become discouraged, disagree on minor issues, put the blame on tools, processes, linguistic, cultural, connection, time zone matters – but the root cause often lies in misunderstanding.

The design frames are typically exported as images, which are, in turn, uploaded via the dashboard of the team’s project management tool, dozens of times. Even more often, the prototypes are being discussed in email inbox, with versions flying back and forth. Interface and user experience designers have to accurately update and manage the handoff to developers in a fast paced environment. The introvert creative individuals, who the most of graphic designers are, prefer to formally present the perfectly polished deliverables. How will they all enter an era of open design culture? Fortunately, Deskle is here for them!

Here are to name but a few reliefs Deskle online whiteboard brings to the designers:

  • Cloud storage

The file version is always up-to-date. No more re-uploads, switching between tabs, offline naming issues, searching the branches, or working off the wrong files. All graphical and multimedia formats are supported. Files are simply dragged and dropped to the workspace. Participants follow each other’s cursors around. Everything is securely saved in a real time mode. A link to access and collaborate on design remains permanent.

  • Transparent approach

Many designers told us, that when they post their portfolio at DeviantArt, Behance or Carbonmade, everyone sees the finished result alone, while often interesting is the process itself. Deskle enables showing the train of creative thought, e.g. visualize design evolution, compare renderings. Inviting the customers or managers into the project’s Whiteboard, you foster much stronger buy-in. Seeing your raw sketches,in-progress files, they get thrilled and empathic. This results not only in moral benefit, but also pays off fairly.

  • Natural way of collaboration

While designer is explaining their thinking, new perspectives, ideas and voices are being encouraged. All pieces are placed on an endless canvas, allowing a helicopter vision. Feed-back speeds up and goes seamlessly as if the whole team was at the single table. Deskle offers several ways to contribute: sticky notes, comments, voting, adding references, integration with Telegram. Finally, clients can draw themselves to explain their vision. At any time, it is clear what part of the design feedback refers to.

  • Numerous sources of inspiration

Mature designers know how incentive it can be to zoom and take an expansive look. Deskle enables this; moreover, using it, it is virtually impossible to run out of space. User-friendly interface, low learning curve allows designers to focus on what really matters, to unleash their creative potential. For convenience of UI professionals, easy designer-to-developer handoff is provided. Add to that vibrant and smart templates with ability to create custom ones, widgets, comprehensive set of icons at your fingertips, and many other not-so-obvious features – and we receive a unique inspirational experience.

Deskle is the best tool for Designers

As we can see, Deskle resolves the misunderstanding issues between designers with their unique workflows, developers and managers. Art people add their works and prototypes to the interactive workspace and receive an instant feedback. Transparency takes the customer’s trust to the next level, significantly adding value. Much time and effort are saved. And, of course, working on Deskle, we constantly explore technological trends to make our online collaboration tool handier for creative individuals and visually driven projects.

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