Online whiteboard – the best service for remote team collaboration

The trend for online learning and work has led to an explosive growth of services offering modern and convenient tools for collaborative project management. Thousands of distributed teams all around the world finally have a real opportunity to use virtual platforms to perform business tasks in real time. Task managers, CRM systems, video conferencing services, groups and chats in messengers – each remote team relies on a whole set of tools, switching between tabs in the browser as the project develops.

Executives and top managers are trying to find the answer to the main question – which tool to choose to optimize the workflow? And the developers already have a solution.

Online boards. Powerful collaboration tool for distributed teams

An online whiteboard is a visual interactive platform that allows remote teams to collaborate on a project in real time. In terms of efficiency, such platforms are in no way inferior to classic offline work, when all participants gather in one office or a conference room. Employees enter the board, everyone sees each other’s cursors and the actions that his colleagues perform. The plan of further actions is discussed right on the online board, the responsible persons are appointed, the necessary files are added and the deadlines for the projects are formed. The very interface of online boards is intuitive and familiar to every average computer user. This does not require long integration and time-consuming staff training. It is enough to register on the board, invite team members, choose a convenient template, or create your own – and you can proceed to effective work.

Whiteboard for team coordination

What tasks does the online whiteboarding solve?

  • Organization of processes for remote work and learning
  • Virtual project management in real time
  • Creation of working business models
  • Brainstorming
  • Online meetings and video chats
  • Synchronization of actions for all participants
  • Convenient distribution of roles, tasks and control over implementation

The wide possibilities of online boards are being actively implemented during large events. In June 2020, more than 210 teams used the Deskle online board ( as part of the Digital Breakthrough 2020 competition from the Russian Association for Electronic Communications, ANO Russia – a country of opportunities and the Innovation Promotion Fund. Especially for the event, the Deskle team created a tool for joint collaboration between teams, where each process and stage were visualized and digitalized. Remote teams from all over Russia worked on projects in real time, marking milestones and assigning responsible persons right on the online board.

Whiteboarding is indispensable for organizing online learning and coaching process. A teacher can conduct a lesson on the platform, so the students, connecting and logging into the board, will see all tables, diagrams and graphs in real time. You can add any kind of content to the board – text, images, documents, stickers and even video. Here you can discuss the knowledge gained between all students and ask the teacher a question in the chat. For each lesson, you can create a separate board and save it for later use!

Single workspace for your team

How to integrate online whiteboards into the workflow of your company?

You can use online boards for remote collaboration immediately after registration on the platform. It does not require the installation of special software or complex integration. The wide capabilities of such platforms are available to any user, and the instructions for use are very simple:

  1. Register on
  2. Build your team and invite colleagues
  3. Choose from Agile, Canvases, Brainstorming, UX / UI Design, Business Analytics and Planning categories, or create your own
  4. Open your dashboard and start working on a project with your team in real time.

In just 4 easy steps, your remote team has one universal easy-to-use collaboration tool. The introduction of online boards can significantly increase the efficiency of business processes and improve interaction between all participants. And given that the best online boards offer all the functionality to try for free within 2 weeks, this tool is definitely worth trying.

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