Team communication without borders. How to organize a collaboration process using the Deskle online whiteboard

The global transition to “remote control” places increased demands on the
methods of interaction between all participants. And the main pain of
distributed teams of today is associated with organization of effective
communication within the framework of joint work on a project.

Chat in Skype and Slack? Or maybe organize a Zoom conference with screen
sharing? Or do you still want to transfer the presentation to Google Docs and
give editor rights to the rest of the participants?

Obviously, distributed teams need one tool that combines the benefits of other services. More and more companies point out that the most effective cross-functional interaction between participants can be achieved with the help of online boards.

All you need in one place online

What is online
whiteboard and how does it help to collaborate?

Online whiteboard is an interactive visual platform with an endless screen and a set of tools and elements for various tasks. With the help of a real time whiteboard, one can conduct trainings or make a research, arrange brainstorming sessions or present a business model to an investor. The main target audience of such boards is IT product teams, marketers, developers, designers, analysts, testers, freelancers, educators and coachers, directors and top-management.

Communication between participants takes place in a single interactive
workspace. You create a board for the required project (by the way, in Deskle
you can choose one of dozens of templates for specific tasks), invite
participants – and you all work together in real time on the project. Each of
the team members can see how others’ cursors move, what work they do, and what
comments they leave. At the same time, you can conduct live chatting right on
the board without using third-party services or instant messengers. Setting
deadlines and monitoring the progress of the task is also not a problem – just
select the appropriate template and fill it out.

Key benefits
of online whiteboards

  1. Reducing the time required for the task and the time for meetings and
  2. Acceleration of making improvements and adjustments process, the speed
    and efficiency of the team raised up.
  3. The ability to use one online tool for employees and customers,
    regardless of their location and time zone.
  4. Thanks to the intuitive and truly user-friendly interface, any employee
    who is familiar with the computer can work on the online board.
  5. The Deskle virtual whiteboard is also available in different languages,
    which greatly simplifies the integration of the service into current business
    processes for multi-language speaking companies.

With online whiteboards, you can start collaborating on any project within
minutes. It is also not a problem to conduct distance learning or project
presentation. You can use interactive layers, add audio and video content to
the board, share files and quickly answer questions in chat. With this tool,
online meetings are much more efficient, and the entire history of work on the
project is now digital and trackable.

The case of using online boards for the quick adaptation of new employees is also an interesting one. By storing all the important information on separate boards, you can give them access so that the person can learn the details in a structured way. A new employee will be able to quickly get acquainted with the progress of projects, the list of tasks and ways to solve them, get acquainted with the ethics and principles of the team’s work.

communication for teams of all sizes

Online whiteboards provide a rich set of collaboration opportunities for
distributed teams. Despite the recent coming out, this tool is already actively
used among companies from all over the world. With its help, even large online
hackathons are held, like Digital Breakthrough 2020, where interaction between
teachers and students at universities and schools was organized while
international product teams were working on the projects.

The more areas of life go to remote locations, the more popular online boards
will become as a single means of unlimited communication.

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