Fast and secure, Deskle has the tools to improve team efficiency and productivity.

Quickly bring your ideas into actionable graphics

Spend less time visualizing your business processes, brainstorms, and ideas. With Deskle you can start simple and craft visual presentation in a minute, freeing you to focus on what matters most to you. Need to build layered and “live” content? We’ve got you covered! Create popups, tooltips, nested layers, modal boxes and add engaging transitions with a few clicks.

  • Interactivity
  • Custom Animation
  • Layered content

Brainstorm, collaborate and iterate faster in real-time

Solve the communication issues and align your team vision in engaging and user-friendly manner. Integrate your established workflows and explore our visual framework for multidisciplinary collaboration. Deskle helps you to easily reduce average meeting time, repetitive discussion burden and expand your teamwork potential.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Facilitate team's communication
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Workflow improvement

Enhance execution and delivery management within agile teams

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    Tailored visual framework
  • templates icon
    Rich templates library
  • api icon
    Custom API integrations
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Explore benefits

What makes Deskle different

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Easy to get started and use.

You don’t need a special training for your team to get started with Deskle — the interface is rather intuitive to simplify onboarding.

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Bespoke API integrations

Deskle is flexible to be integrated with your favorite tools, supports SSO and provides on-demand real-time data fetching and export.

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Layered content

Improve perception of the visual narrative and create storytelling experiences by adding interactivity to your content.

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Safe and secure

The infrastructure is devised to meet the highest security standards, assuring that your data is safely stored and privacy is protected.


See how people use Deskle

Get inspired by live example boards from designers, marketers, photographers and more.
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"Finally! Great tool for agile teams! Now everyone is aligned and have a bird view of the delivery process."

Timothy Johnson
Brand manager at J&J
Teachers / Students
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"The easy way to collaborate with teachers! Enhances learnability of the study materials a lot!"

John Ferguson
Student, Stanford University
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"Deskle is a key to streamline follow-ups and present ideas to clients in a much better way."

Clark Smiths
Graphic Designer

Teams already using Deskle

  • cambridge
  • microsoft
  • nasa
  • oracle