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Ho Yin, CEO

Integration of Deskle into our platform has made it possible to create a truly convenient service for joint collaboration of our clients. After the introduction of the new whiteboarding functionality, our users received all the benefits of a single workspace for performing tasks in real time as if it were happening in a physical office.

Joe Caplin, Head of Strategy

With the help of Deskle platform, we have taken the organization of online workshops and seminars to a qualitatively new level. The available tools have significantly reduced the time required to prepare training materials, and extensive real-time communication capabilities have greatly simplified the interaction between all participants. Thanks to the Deskle online board, the participants' involvement in the process has also increased. Great job!

Nick Roiser
2heads, Digital and Content Director

We have been familiar with the Deskle platform for a long time and have already carried out a number of interesting projects. Now we want to integrate this tool into the work of specialists of large enterprises. Thus it makes possible to quickly transfer business processes to a remote format and organize effective interaction between all departments of the companies. I would especially like to note the multifunctionality of the platform and the large number of templates that allow using Deskle for tasks of various levels.

Michael Kendell
Manchester City Council, Innovation team manager

For me, the main point of innovation is the benefits it brings to society. Today there are quite a few platforms for remote work, but it was in Deskle that we found the widest possible set of useful functions that allows various administrative departments to work on solving the same problems. I can say with confidence that with the implementation of Deskle, teamwork has become faster, and control over it has become much easier.

Bruna Viana, Communication manager

The main problem with online events is the difficulty of keeping the attention and engagement of all participants. Especially when there are a lot of them. With Deskle, we were able to make our events more interactive and fun. Now everyone can participate in the process, express their opinion and ask questions. And the most important thing is to be heard, even if there are dozens of people taking part in the event.

Questions you might have
Need more help? Check out our Help center
What tariff plan will I have after registering with Deskle?
Immediately after registration, you automatically subscribe to a free tariff plan, which allows you to use all the main functions of Deskle for 14 days.
What does the 14-day trial period include?
The ability to fully work on the "Basic" paid plan, which is given during the trial period for free for 14 days, so that you can test the service without any restrictions.
Do I need a credit card to start my free trial?
You don't need a credit card to start your free trial. By registering, you can test Deskle for free for 14 days.
What happens when the trial period ends?
You can use the basic functions of the Deskle online board for free within 14 days from the date of registration. After that, the system will offer you to choose one of the paid tariffs to continue working. In the absence of activity, access to the boards will be closed. To continue working with the service after the end of the trial period, you will need to subscribe by choosing the most suitable tariff plan.
What tariff plan should I choose for my company?
You can choose among three standard team plans and a special Couching plan:

Basic ( per month per user billed annually). The plan suits small teams the best. It allows you to start teamwork on the platform and gain access to the main features of Deskle.

Team ( per month per user billed annually). This tariff plan is suitable for average teams as a tool for project and task management. It allows you to create an unlimited number of private and public boards, conduct video conferencing, use cloud storage and advanced integrations. For users of the team plan, 24/7 chat support is available.

Company ( per month per user billed annually). This tariff plan is suitable for large companies and projects. It lets you add support for single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, unlimited cloud storage, advanced access settings, and priority email, phone, and chat support anytime.

Coaching ( per month per user billed annually). This tariff plan is suitable for working on online whiteboards with students and for conducting online webinars and sessions. There is no need to pay for each student as a team member, in this tariff plan we have implemented the possibility of full-fledged work on online boards in guest access mode, without adding to the team. The tariff includes free access for a month for 20 students. To switch to a tariff, you will need to confirm that your activity is teaching.

How to choose the best tariff plan?
  • If you plan to work on online boards individually, it is best to use the Basic tariff plan, choosing in the option "number of people in the team" - 1. If necessary, you can add people to the team at any time, but no more than 10 people for tariff "Basic"
  • If you plan to work on online boards with students, there is a special "Coaching" plan for you. There is no need to pay for each student as a team member, in this tariff plan we have implemented the possibility of full-fledged work on online boards in guest access mode, without adding to the team. The tariff includes free access for a month for 20 students.
  • If you plan to work as a team, it is best to choose the "Team" tariff plan. It has a complete set of teamwork capabilities. Or start with the "Basic" tariff plan, which will allow your team to quickly start teamwork using basic capabilities, which will be enough for full-fledged teamwork, if you need additional features, for example, "video conferencing mode" or "guest commenting mode", you can at any moment in "two clicks" transfer the command to another tariff plan.
  • If your team is part of a company, it is best to use the special "Company" rate. It includes all the necessary opportunities for teamwork of employees within the company. These are SSO authentication, a high level of encryption, logging of all employee actions, convenient administration of multi teams, a personal manager and other features inherent in companies.
Who is responsible for the payment procedure?
To pay for the team, you need to attach only 1 credit card. Payment is made by the owner/creator of the team. Withdrawal occurs automatically for all users in the team. If the owner leaves the team, the automatic debiting of funds stops. Further, any employee can make payment for the team, while the former owner must first untie his bank card in his personal account.
How can I cancel my plan after purchase?
Cancellations and refunds, as well as changing the tariff plan, can be done with the help of Deskle support.
Do you have a discount for educational institutions?
For educational institutions, teachers and students, as well as coaches and trainers, there is a Coaching plan. This plan is better than any discount, as it allows you to purchase one account and work with 20+ students without additional payments.
Do you have a discount for non-profit organizations?
Discounts for non-profit organizations are available upon request to the Deskle support service only. The discounts are given on an individual basis, depending on the goals and format of the non-profit organization.
How can I pay for the selected tariff plan?
To pay for the selected package, you can use a bank card, bank transfer or e-wallets.
How can I change the selected plan?
You can always switch from one package to another by upgrading your tariff plan. To do this, click on the "Improve plan" button, select the appropriate tariff and pay for it on the website, or you can always ask the support team for an invoice or other help.
How do I add new users (teammates) to the platform?
After registering and filling out a profile, you can invite colleagues to work together on a project. To do this, you will need to enter the email addresses of employees in the required fields and send them an invitation with access to the platform. Another way is to send a link to a person with a chosen role: viewer, commenter, editor. The link can be turned off manually.
Can I change the size of my team?
Yes, you can always resize your team by adding or removing as many users as you want. When you add a user, the system will offer you to pay the corresponding amount, if you exclude a team member next month, you will pay less.
How secure is my data in Deskle?
The platform infrastructure is designed in accordance with the highest security standards, and ensures the safe storage of your data and protection of your privacy. Our platform is regularly tested for vulnerabilities according to European standards.
Can I share my project with users who are not registered in Deskle?
Yes, you can send a link of any of your boards, even to people who are not registered on the platform. Share your project with colleagues, customers and investors without paying additional jobs on the online board. Also, such access can be provided without the need for registration, or with a convenient and quick registration via social networks or Google account.

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